What is ATS Friendly CV, Why it is Important?

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What is ATS Friendly CV, Why it is Important?
What is ATS Friendly CV, Why it is Important?

Your CV must be ATS friendly. This is a document that is easier to read for recruiters and sorts your work experience from most to least relevant. It also helps boost your ATS score. This article will give you some tips to make your resume ATS friendly. We will also go over how to highlight your achievements with bulleted lists and simple points. Let’s get started! What is an ATS friendly CV?

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ATS-friendly CV is easier for recruiters to scan

Almost 98 per cent of organisations use an applicant tracking system, which reads and ranks your CV. If your CV is unformatted or is not presented in a professional format, the applicant tracking system won’t be able to scan it. Luckily, there are ways to ensure your CV is ATS-friendly. For starters, ensure it is formatted in the reverse chronological style. If possible, save it as a PDF file. Although it may preserve formatting, some older ATS may not be able to scan it.

You can use resume keyword tools to identify industry-worthy keywords, as well as commonly used acronyms and abbreviations. These tools can help you match your resume with a specific job description, so you don’t waste time describing your skills and experience without highlighting them. You can also use the tools to compare your resume to similar job descriptions. This way, you can optimize your resume for both job description and ATS.

ATS Friendly CV is the Key

ATS-friendly formatted resumes are ideal for a wide variety of industries and job titles. ATS systems prefer documents with a combination of format and chronological order. A clear outline of your work history is essential. A PDF can help you keep your resume clean and uncomplicated. Keep in mind that ATS systems display all text in the same color, so you don’t want to use images to illustrate your skills.

Keywords should be specific to the job description and appear in the job description several times. For example, if you are an experienced content writer, include CMS in your resume. Without this, the ATS will not recognize your skills and will likely ignore your profile. To ensure that your resume stands out from the rest, read the job description carefully. Make sure you write a resume that replies directly to the requirements of the company.

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