Technical director|Hoo Substitution

Technical director|Hoo Swap

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Employment: Full Time

1. Behind the provider’s technical preparation and operational research execution, deliver extensive technological help for the provider’s development, and ensure that software progression is completed on schedule and meets the necessary premium;
2. Grow the provider’s core specialized team and also efficiencies, and the provider’s specialized team are going to adhere to key products as well as technologies, and also finish the general system building, routine maintenance and item progression;
3. Research as well as choose the business’s technological growth path, plan the provider’s product technological platform and also new product progression, as well as be liable for the planning, testimonial as well as oversight of the analysis task management process of the item job research study method;
4. Responsible for the cooperation and balance of various ventures, teams and technical areas.5.
Develop a standard and effective innovation monitoring body and improve it, develop and improve the provider’s overall innovation growth functionalities.6.
Keep acutely familiar with brand new and also market styles, and also create crucial preparing recommendations for the firm’s future product and also technology advancement.

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