Technical supervisor|Hoo Substitution

Technical director|Hoo Exchange

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Employment: Full Time

1. Responsible for the provider’s technological planning and functional analysis application, supply comprehensive specialized help for the provider’s advancement, as well as guarantee that software application growth is actually completed on schedule and also satisfies the necessary high quality;
2. Plant the provider’s primary technical crew and also functionalities, and also the firm’s technical group will certainly adhere to essential items as well as technologies, and finish the total system construction, maintenance and item growth;
3. Analysis and determine the business’s technological advancement course, intend the company’s item technical platform as well as new item development, and also be actually liable for the preparing, review and also guidance of the investigation venture control process of the product venture analysis procedure;
4. In charge of the cooperation and coordination of various projects, teams as well as specialized industries.5.
Set up a standard and effective modern technology control system and optimize it, develop and also enhance the business’s general modern technology progression functionalities.6.
Maintain keenly knowledgeable about new and industry styles, and make important planning tips for the provider’s potential item as well as technology advancement.

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