Spray Painter

Spray Painter

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Spray Painter

Spray Painter

EASY APPLY Job Description A lover technician in car paint professional amount is needed. High knowledge locations to be covered are;

  1. painting prepare
  2. mix professional
  3. fiber coating & & repair (optionally available)
  4. spray coating
  5. coating mixing
  6. complete automotive renovation
  7. plastic fix & & coating iron layers prep. & & paint peelable paint (optional)


looking for an enthusiast service technician in automotive painting along with higher adventure to work with everyday bunch team up with listed below skills:

1- Mindset.2- Time monitoring

3- Totally collective with the team

4- Quality assurance constantly

Job Features

Job Place

Business Sector
Automotive Manufacture; Automotive Dealer & & Distributor; Automotive Repair Service, Spare Components, & & Support Solutions

Provider Kind
Company (Private Field)

Job Part
Servicing, Repair Work, as well as Service technician

Job Style
Complete Time Staff Member

Month-to-month Income Variety

Number of Vacancies

Preferred Candidate

Profession Degree
Mid Career

Years of Adventure
Min: 5

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