Senior FM Engineer (HVAC/Refrigeration /Mechanical Field) | TXM Recruit - Dubai (TXM Labour Supply)

Senior FM Engineer (HVAC/Refrigeration /Mechanical Field) | TXM Recruit – Dubai (TXM Labour Supply)

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The Senior FM Engineer (HVAC) will oversee maintenance and repairs of electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), carpentry, painting, and other building systems.

Duties/ Responsibilities:

• Should have in-depth knowledge of maintaining and operating the HVAC equipment & system in centrally cooled buildings.

• Should have complete knowledge on operations & maintenance of other building mechanical systems associated with the HVAC system like chillers, large central air handling units, packaged A/C units, FAHU, FCU, variable air volume (VAV) units, HVAC ductwork, evaporator coils, condensing units and coils, humidifiers, manual and motorized valves, chilled water piping, circulation pumps, damper motors, gravity dampers, variable frequency drive (VFD) and other controllers, actuators, HVAC water treatment systems including make-up water, and other control devices.

• Should inspect test and evaluates HVAC Control Systems to improve reliability and to assure dependability, safety, and compliance.

• Should be able to check & identify if the buildings are being operated as per the designed parameters to ensure no built-up of stale & humid air within the premises.

• Should inspect equipment (e.g. AHU’s, packaged A/C units, fan coil units, compressors, cooling towers and chillers etc.); systems (e.g. HVAC mechanical etc.); and the work of vendors to determine the condition of facilities, operational efficiency of equipment, quality of work performed, whether equipment is on the scheduled maintenance program, and the safety measure being used by local vendors and service providers while they are working on the equipment.

• Work closely with vendors, outsourced service providers, and contractors to protect the interests of the facility.

• Conduct testing inspection process for a variety of tasks including the air quality, test for ducts, chilled water piping system, and Thermal Imaging test (Thermography) for MDB, SMDB, Bus bars, Pumps, etc.

• Perform a specific audit assigned by FM Department for all HVAC systems at the site and collect data in researching new technology or techniques that may be applied in the workplace to enhance the asset and propose energy-saving initiatives in all buildings

• Perform an audit against the asset register and ensure each asset’s accuracy is verified on field. Assist FM team in labelling and classification of all assets in coordination with relevant vendors.

• To ensure that information is accurately captured and maintained in the CAFM system.

• Should perform inspections of each MEP equipment to ensure that it is in good working order and that safety precautions are being followed.

• Should carry out detailed condition survey against each asset in the building and share the comprehensive report.

• In coordination with the FM team, attend to all escalated maintenance / reactive complaints requests and ensure the repair jobs are completed efficiently & in correct manner in adherence to industry best practices & FM guidelines.

• Review repeated complaints / escalations & highlight it with possible solutions.

• In coordination with the helpdesk team attend to daily emergency maintenance requests from the tenants as they arise.

• Assist and Coordinate with the Facilities Executive’s regular follow-up on pending maintenance jobs with vendors.

• Assist and coordinate with Facility executive in reviewing and confirming store management and scrap disposal.

• Assist FM team to manage the implementation of major renovation and capital improvement projects on the assigned properties. And attend weekly and monthly meetings held by the senior engineer to talk about the ongoing project updates and completion.

• Assist in taking/handing over new and existing properties including managing snagging, de snagging, Defect Liability Period (DLP), etc.

• Attend the move-out inspection of vacant units in coordination with the tenant and share the report with the facility executive for preparation of condition report including estimation of damages, and review and submit to the property team.

• Inspects the vacant units and surrounding areas in coordination to recommend the scope of works for refurbishing / reconditioning and completing repairs/renovations.

• During the refurbishment of vacant units, supervise and direct the work of the vendors and hand over the refurbished unit in coordination with the facility executive to the leasing team.

• Coordinate with Facility executive to review and validate the 52 weeks Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) Schedule shared by stakeholder.

• Should be competent to track and monitor the effective completion of PPM as per the schedule.

• Collaborate with stakeholders to perform the regular audit of the assets after PPM completion in each building and ensure the effectiveness as per the schedule.

• Coordinate with Facility executive to review and validate all the reports from vendors and evaluate the performance as per PPM schedule and SLAs (number of calls responded to, execution time, etc) and provide a monthly report with a recommendation to SFE to evaluate possible causes of asset failures and take corrective action where needed.

• Review and validate all reports from vendors (reactive or PPM) on weekly basis to ensure the deliverables meet AMC requirements.

• Coordinate with Facility executive to monitor and analyze energy consumption and immediately escalate if any abnormal consumption with SFE

• Assist in commercial /retail tenant’s fit-out work drawings review and provide inputs. Do aperiodic check on all the contractor works to ensure that fit-out works are executed as per

• approved NOC.

• Coordinate with Facility executive for issuing PERMIT TO WORK (PTW) after reviewing all documents. After the work is completed, do a thorough check it gets proper closure as required.

• Coordinate with Facility executive to ensure that all required third-party and statutory inspections are conducted and reports are completed on a timely basis as per the local authority requirements.