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Security Officer (Female) - Four Seasons - Bahrain

Security Officer actively takes part in the everyday security operations of the home to make sure the security and security of all visitors, workers and home.

Key Functions:

  • Patrol the exterior and interior of the hotel and confront any circumstances or individuals that require investigation.

  • Helping your Superiors at the department.

  • Manage and record guest and worker mishaps, visitor space lock issues, noise problems, and any doubtful people on the properties

  • Assist handicapped visitors

  • Implement all policies, treatments and guidelines relating to security and safety

  • assist in implementing preventive safety and security programs

  • examine criminal activities dedicated against the hotel, visitors, and employees

  • Document all occurrences happening in the hotel.

  • Help hotel staff in handling of uncommon visitor or employee issues, such as, but not limited to, disorderly conduct, thefts, suicides, bomb threats, worker or visitor mishaps, fire or safety dangers, break-ins, terrorist activities, civil disruption, power or elevator failures, medical support and natural disasters

  • Take an active role in the application of the hotel’s fire strategy including the General Communication Center, the Command Post, all technical devices and the roles each employee/manager plays

  • Assist in training related to the hotel’s emergency situation treatments

  • Control the essential, lock system, alarm system, and fire defense system

  • Make suggestions to the Director in security associated matters

  • Respond appropriately in any hotel emergency or security scenario

  • Perform other jobs or projects as assigned by hotel management and staff

  • Do Safety Inspections throughout the hotel

  • Conduct V.I.P. escorts in a professional and polite manner

  • Monitor the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

Preferred Qualifications and Skills

  • Have Control Room Experience and know how to handle the fire panel.

  • Have the ability to work under pressure.

  • Flexible to work any shift based upon operation needs.

  • Fluent English (writing, speaking and checking out).

  • Experienced in CPR, first aid, firefighting.

  • Excellent computer system and typing abilities and have the capability to started & & total various reports in a timely manner.

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