Structure Servicing Manager|Abdullah A. AlMoosa Enterprises

Property Routine Maintenance Administrator|Abdullah A. AlMoosa Enterprises

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Work: Total Time

Key Tasks and also Responsibilities:1. Plannings, schedules, appoints, and also monitors employees in the protective treatment of sizable buildings; checks job for maintenance of proper standards.2.

Monitors and engages in precautionary maintenance and also servicing of buildings, consisting of floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, locks, fittings, as well as household furniture.3.

Manages and participates in the servicing, cleaning, and also upkeep of technical equipment as well as units, power components, as well as various other tools.4.

Examines premises, buildings, as well as devices, keeping in mind requirement for repair service and substitutes as well as reports same.5.

Imposes structure and also protection guidelines.6.

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