Property Manager | Fortes Holdings
Employment: Full Time

Main Accountabilities:
The Property Manager will be taking care of the Group’s residential or commercial property portfolio, tenants, and landlords; guaranteeing renter retention; analysing revenue maximization and cost reduction and centers management; and boosting the total portfolio property worth.

1. Residential Or Commercial Property Rental Management:
a.Be ultimately responsible for the Group’s home rental management
b.Continuously analyse the marketplace to establish the optimum rental costs, evaluate costs, depreciation, yield, home loan expenses, etc on each home either owned by the group or leased from or out to 3rd celebrations
c.Maximise the rental yield on the group’s property portfolio by handling renters, obtaining new occupants, promoting the properties through various channels, interfacing and working out with tenants and proprietors
d.Negotiate contracts on business owned residential or commercial properties, retail homes, and plots; drafting lease contracts or sale contracts; negotiating the best terms and conditions
e.Ensure compliance with pertinent laws of Dubai Lands Dept., RERA, and the Civil Code
f.Investigate and solve occupant or property owner complaints, imposing rules of tenancy, interfacing with Dubai Lands Dept, RERA and Dubai Courts as appropriate.2.

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