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Product Manager, Enabling Technologies, MEA – Stryker – Dubai

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Product Manager, Enabling Technologies, MEA - Stryker - Dubai

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Additional role-specific areas of responsibilities may be added as deemed necessary by the local hiring manager.

Competitive Insights

  • Assesses the impact of competitive dynamics and points of parity / points of difference through competitive analysis.
  • Researches features, uses and competitive quality of a specific product.
  • Utilizes specific approaches and tools for gathering and collating competitive information
  • Maintains networks of people and resources for obtaining competitive information.
  • Adheres to organizational protocols, practices and procedures for gathering competitive information

Customer Insights

  • Understands the needs of the primary and secondary customers. and how to articulate the value proposition to the specific audience.
  • Works with inputs from KOL network.
  • Explains different product features to different customers as appropriate to their needs.
  • Understands what current and potential customers need to drive value in the portfolio.

Customer Centric Development

  • Surfaces new or unexpressed customer needs.
  • Focuses product and service features and functions on the customer’s critical success factors.
  • Develops consistent processes for maintaining customer engagement.
  • Escalates systemic problems that could affect customer satisfaction.

Developing the Strategy and Marketing Plan

  • Understands the linkages between all components of the Big Picture framework; relates upstream decisions to executional decisions.
  • Collaborates in developing key strategy documents: strategic plan, annual marketing plan, product launch plans, etc.
  • Translates the marketing plan to specific marketing activities to carry out the plan.
  • Supports the creation of key documents: business reviews, marketing strategies, proposals and recommendations.


  • Accurately forecasts resource needs.
  • Applies established organizational practices in budgeting.
  • Participates in the budgeting process cycle, necessary inputs and reporting requirements.
  • Supplies supporting information and justification for major line items.
  • Explains variances in budget reports of planned vs. actual expenses.
  • Supports the creation of Project Charters, CERs, and Business Case Financial Models as applicable.

Value Prop Segmentation

  • Performs needs-based segmentation (i.e., behavioral, attitudinal, and aspirations).
  • Identifies and measures customer variable importance and perception.
  • Uses Main and Dynamic Variable concepts to explain competitive dynamics in the category.
  • Generates segmentation variables from customer insights.
  • Uses customer insight research to validate importance and perception for each of the attitudinal segmentation variables.

Value Prop Targeting & Positioning

  • Leads the value proposition development work including the following components: customer beliefs and behaviors, main and dynamic variables and reasons to believe brand value.
  • Can succinctly describe desired customer beliefs and behaviors required to meet the Brand’s (product or portfolio) goals in the planning period.
  • Writes target audience descriptions that reveal customer insights for the major customer stakeholders involved with the brand.
  • Prioritizes evidence (clinical, use and economic) and other proof (KOL, user and patient testimonials) useful to demonstrate customer value arising from the value proposition.
  • Uses the target audience description collaboratively with the commercial team to prioritize potential customers.
  • Can develop a Five Box Positioning statement that guides and informs marketing tactics.
  • Able to develop basic marketing positioning based on internal and external situation analysis to communicate a value proposition.

Brand Stewardship

  • Understands difference between core competence, strategic asset and benefit.
  • Translates the core competence and strategic assets of the company to marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Applies the core competencies of the product or portfolio to marketing strategies and tactics.

Evidence Generation

  • Links types of evidence (clinical, use, economic) to specific value proposition elements and specific stakeholders.
  • Proposes objectives for evidence generation and evaluates individual studies for alignments with evidence generation strategy.

Marketing Objective

  • Links customer acquisition and retention goals to business outcomes.
  • Ties the business goal of the product or portfolio to the overall goal of the business.
  • Understands Hand, Head and Heart Loyalty and which one is appropriate for the product or portfolio.
  • Develops operational customer definitions by stakeholder and by product or portfolio

Source Volume and Strategic Objective

  • Can estimate the effort needed to target each customer group in all four Big Picture quadrants.
  • Synthesizes market trends and makes recommendations on sources of volume and strategic focus.
  • Relates potential opportunity from each strategic quadrant to the product or portfolio strategic focus, based on tradeoffs amongst the strategic quadrants.
  • Understands potential sources of volume for the product or portfolio.
  • Assesses the impact of competitive dynamics and points of parity/points of difference through competitive analyses.

Sales Distribution Channel

  • Works with a sales strategy for a specific channel, product, and market.
  • Develops new strategies, sales tools, and communication plans of various products and customer bases.

Sales Enablement

  • Applies clinical knowledge in combination with technical knowledge to educate and articulate value.
  • Analyzes sales data and identifies areas for growth.
  • Thoroughly familiar with the selling process and the translation of benefits into a selling script based on the clinical need.

Sales Training

  • If business has a sales training/enablement function, this section can be adjusted to show collaboration between the two functions:
  • Sets the sales training strategy for the product or portfolio
  • Creates additional sales training tools and resources to assist in continued understanding of business unit product offering
  • Selects suitable delivery methods for different training sessions.


  • Develops accurate volume forecasts grounded in an understanding of market and trial dynamics. Prepares forecasts that reflect potential risk and uncertainty.
  • Researches key factors, measurements and variables used in forecasting.
  • Reports on problems associated with sales forecasting activities.

Supply Chain

  • Add only when PLCM resides in downstream:
  • Executes a PLCM plan as it relates to the overall strategy.
  • Has a working knowledge of manufacturing facilities and capabilities.


  • Knows how to set price and develop a pricing approach consistent with the Marketing Strategy and brand positioning
  • Analyzes market pricing data to help set price
  • Develops pricing approach /level consistent with the Marketing Strategy and brand positioning.
  • Understands implications of strategies (bundling, capitation, risk)

Communication Strategy

  • Articulates desired communications outcomes consistent with marketing strategy to MarComm team

Marketing Channel

  • Evaluates the costs and benefits of marketing channels.
  • Assists in the development of new marketing channels and tools.

Effectiveness Measurement

  • Establishes metrics, goals/success criteria, and milestones.
  • Conducts post-launch analyses and implements lessons learned
  • Establishes short-range and long-range improvement goals for own function, and under guidance, develops action plans to achieve those goals.
  • Under guidance, reports measurement results in actionable form to management.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Analyzes customer satisfaction inputs to assess trends in customer engagement, and incorporates trends into strategic planning.
  • Able to segment customer satisfaction inputs by customer type to determine how the business is performing in engaging target customer markets.
  • Creates a standardized way to track KPIs as well as a consistent method to report back to the business.
  • Proposes updates and enhancements to the KPIs based of the analysis of metrics over time.

Business Analytics

  • Provides marketing intelligence group with key objectives and inputs to drive customer insights.
  • Documents performance criteria used for evaluating business trends and activities.
  • Recognizes and assesses problems, opportunities and methods for improving existing business performance.


  • Delivers high quality results with passion, energy, and drive to met business priorities.
  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams to build partnership to achieve business objectives.
  • Demonstrates developing financial acumen.
  • Effectively manages key relationships and work activity.
  • May coach and mentor marketing personnel.

Education & special trainings:

  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • MBA preferred

International labor markets fill in local requirements

Qualifications & experience:

  • 4+ years of work experience required
  • 2+ years medical device or marketing experience preferred
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal communications skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects while delivering on established timelines
  • Ability to be persuasive in the absence of organizational authority
  • Must be able to understand and work within complex interdivisional procedures and policies
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word & PowerPoint)

Additional role-specific preferred technical qualifications (skills, tool proficiencies, etc.) may be added as deemed necessary by the local hiring manager.

Additional desired role-specific certifications may be added as deemed necessary by the local hiring manager.

Physical & mental requirements:

  • Medium work: Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects
  • Coordination of eye, hand and foot movement with an ability to grasp by hand and meet cognitive demands to include visual and auditory discrimination / memory, reading ability and memory retention ability.
  • Exercise discretion and independence when applying professional expertise
  • Must be able to manage time, projects, stress and conflict
  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills including written and oral communication
  • Must be able to bring tasks through to completion with minimal supervision
  • Must have the ability to prioritize work and keep detailed and confidential records
  • Must be able to communicate / present to large groups of people
  • Must possess unwavering ethics & integrity in a competitive and demanding work environment

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