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Nursery Teacher | The Blossom Nursery

Employment: Full Time

– Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that assist in active knowing experiences in accordance with Babilou/ Blossom Curriculum (British Foundation structure), In the moment preparation, child-led technique.
– Implement lesson strategies in accordance with curriculum goals, developmentally proper practice, classroom schedule and Babilou/ Blossom viewpoint. In the moment preparation/ approach.
– Prepare classroom for class activities in accordance to Babilou/ Blossom goals and philosophy.
– Provide a range of discovering products and resources for usage in educational activities.
– Identify and select various instructional resources and techniques to fulfill students’ differing requirements.
– Instruct and keep an eye on trainees in making use of finding out materials and equipment.
– Observe and evaluate trainees’ efficiency and advancement, creating specific and personalized reports.
– Maintain daily open interaction with moms and dads and through parent-teacher conferences.
– Manage trainee habits in the class by using the Babilou/ Blossom Golden Rules and establishing and imposing age-appropriate rules and procedures.
– Use proper disciplinary action in line with Babilou/ Blossom Handbook.
– Maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment.
– Keep mishap records, and notify the nurse when a medical assistant is needed.
– Participate in school training, conferences and events.
– Provide proper feedback on work.
– Communicate required info routinely to administration, colleagues and parents relating to trainee development and trainee needs.
– Maintain privacy.
– Keep up to date with advancements in teaching resources and methods and make relevant changes to instructional strategies and activities.
– Inspect and keep records of damage or lost materials, maintain class inventory updated with a complete sign-off of inventory in August, December and June each year.
– Keep all suitable records such as presence, timesheets, and classroom folders.
– Maintain child-centered bulletin boards and display screens in class updated and change at least once per term and are fixated the classroom experiences.
– Use LittleLives or other platforms authorized by the business for tracking and interaction.

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