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Master cutter – HEBAJASMI – Dubai

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Master cutter - HEBAJASMI - Dubai

We are looking for a Master cutter for evening gowns, who can make any design using either photo or sketched designs, has a good understanding in fabrics and good understanding in various cutting styles and techniques.

– Measures customers for size with inch-tape and records measurements.

-Cuts out paper patterns with given measurements.

– Places patterns on cloth and marks around with pencil.

– Cuts various parts along marked lines and gives them for stitching.

– Supervises hand embroidery team with the correct placements of the work

– Supervises stitching and making of garments.

– Marks with chalk any alterations to be made. Supervises making and finishing work and finally fits garment on customer

( Salary depends on experience and certificate)

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: From AED3,000.00 per month

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