IT Stations Purchases Manager (MENA MULTIPLE NATIONS) – Dahua Technology Middle East FZE – Dubai

IT Channel Purchases Manager(several nations)

Main task:

  • In charge of driving sales and daily profile control activities along with Key Network Partners in IT industry, visit network shops for item distribution as well as sample circulation to enhance stations protection
  • Frequently accumulate PSI (purchase-sell-inventory)records from suppliers along with rivals information; examine the sales records; as well as enhance items sales;
  • Perform and Handle Office Tactics (MSRP, Decided On Distribution Requirements, partner specified evolution in area, channel payment scheme)
  • Give product understanding training and after-sales solution assist to second and tertiary customers
  • Perform incurable standardization task for incurable shops (featuring CCTV as well as chain networks) along with our items
  • Manage advertising activities consistently to drive the retail of incurable establishments


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