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Intellectual Property Assistant | Paris Group International

Employment: Full Time

• Performs administrative and research-related duties for attorneys
• Help prepare legal documents and patent applications, proofread them before filing, perform background research to provide lawyers and their clients with a list of options for possible avenues to pursue, whether it is to preserve a patent, file a new one, or assess whether a competitor has violated the clients’ patent rights.
• Process the filing of new Company patent applications.
• Maintain knowledge of filing requirements, patent prosecution procedures, renewal data, expiration data, etc.
• Prepare and review appropriate correspondence from foreign associates and to clients regarding new applications, formal requirements, filing details, etc.
• Provide follow-up service regarding due dates to clients by telephone, e-mail, or letter.
• Responsible for certification/legalization of formal legal documents.
• Prepare and forward to clients, letters, patent documents, acceptance notices, filing reports, publication information, etc.
• Process formal documents to foreign associates.
• Prioritize workload to meet foreign filing deadlines and due dates.
• Prepare correspondence and perform clerical duties necessary to complete the foreign filing process and maintenance of foreign files through a grant.
• Maintain foreign filing docket and remind attorneys as necessary for work assignments.
• Maintain a high-quality work product and ability to schedule work to meet department deadlines and perform job responsibilities under pressure efficiently, productively, and in a professional manner.
• Analyzing incoming mail, faxes, and other information for pertinent data and relays that information to clients and timekeepers as needed.
• Ordering formal drawings from draftsman and certified copies from the Company Patent and Trademark Office.

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