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HR Manager – Dewan Professionals

HR Manager - Dewan Consultants
About Us Dewan Consultants prides itself on having actually established the criteria for top quality recruitment in India. Given that 1978, Dewan has specified speed for fast and efficient recruitment to a myriad of locations as well as also remains the award for being actually the leading Indian consultancy giving personnel from the subcontinent to the USA labor force. Dewan’s attentive candidates have actually been actually sourced from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Phillippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Lithuania, Romania, UK and etc have been mounted around powerful economic situations coming from the Middle East as well as Europe, to the Far East and also Africa.
Coming from sourcing and filtering to interviewing as well as immigration, Dewan Professional has developed the fine art of effective as well as targeted work recruitment companies for global companies everywhere. Using its own lots of strength as a trailblazer in the Human Resources field, Dewan has actually specified out to expand faster and more powerful as a worldwide recruitment leader in the 21st century.Having operated worldwide for close to 3 many years, Dewan has actually utilized the essential knowledge in providing for diverse recruitment needs to have worldwide. Coming from friendliness, production, Banking and construction to a broad range of various other service markets, Dewan has actually grasped the fine art of recruiting the correct employees for the correct work.

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