ICT Technician - Bahrain Airport Services - Al-Muḥarraq

Main Objectives

Enhance efficiency in operations by maintaining/repairing networks and related airport systems. Identify and resolve hardware issues and related components associated therewith (PCs, printers, notebooks, scanners, etc.). Ensure timely completion of assigned activities as per timelines and defined quality standards. Install and set up new equipment and related peripherals at the terminal as per company standards & procedures. Be available for stand-by and call-out duties as and when necessary. Undertake any other duties as assigned by his/her department head.

Main Duties

o Understand section’s operational requirements and coordinate with various stakeholders within section to execute these efficiently

o Receive user requirements (from seniors) and services to be offered; this includes site visits, logging the requirement on the relevant internal system.

o Maintain and operate (test, install and repair) terminal operating systems and hardware platform to run the network; this includes various airport terminal systems (CUP/BRS/SITATEX/BAS etc.)

o Monitor and update call/query registry history records and ensure timely resolution of network related issues thus registered; this includes repair of hardware, PC & printers, technical support to end-users.

o Provide end to end technical support services which include identifying and repair of equipment and restoration of systems.

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