Farm Manager. Fruits & Vegetables - Al Mayya Group - Fujairah

Job Description. Operational Responsibilities:  Oversee the day-to-day farm operations;  Plans finances and production to maintain farm progress against budget parameters;  Develop, plan and actualize clear, reasonable and sustainable short, medium, and long-term visions and business plans for agriculture farms;  Directs and coordinates worker activities, such as planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, grading, payroll, recordkeeping, structure maintenance and nursery operations.  Coordinates growing activities with those of engineering, equipment maintenance, packing houses and other related departments;  Confers with purchasers and arranges for sale of crops;  Records information, such as production, farm management practices, and parent stock, and prepares related reports;  Analyzes soil, water and compost to determine type and quantity of fertilizer required for maximum production;  Have knowledge on soil regeneration and implementing the techniques;  Through knowledge and experience in organic farming, permaculture, hydroponics green house, fruit trees and open field production;  Connect and engage with local and regional suppliers to understand the market and products  Inspects equipment to ensure proper functioning;  Inspects orchards and fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage from weather;  Plans and directs development and production of hybrid plant varieties with high yield or disease and insect resistant characteristics;  Help in purchase identification of machinery, equipment and supplies such as tractors, seed, fertilizer and chemicals;  Enforces safety regulations and creates policies and procedures;  Knowledge on package house process and procedure;  Responsible to achieve set target of yield and quality as per KPI and budget.  Maintain and monitor the quality of yield and crops;  Maintain knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they spread and how to treat them; Managerial Responsibilities:  Set the required KPIs to monitor financial and technical performance and maintain farm progress against budget parameters;  Ensure that farm activities comply with government regulations;  Understand the implications of the weather and make contingency plans;  Plan training activities for new employees and existing team and monitor and mentoring the team performance;  Help in create flow chart and SOPs of the farm and all farm activities, and in implementing GAP and other standards as per management requirement.  Evaluates financial statements and makes budget proposals;  Participates in hiring, performance management, transferring and promoting workers;  Plan and manage all farm activities against set KPI’s;  Help in budgetary exercise for other farms in UAE and international.  Responsible to deliver the daily weekly standard report as per requirement.  Responsibility not restricted for one site in UAE.  Apply health and safety standards across the farm;  Protect the environment and maintaining biodiversity;

Job Type: Full-time

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