Elderly Consumer Services Agent|Acciona Facility Companies Center East

Elderly Customer Solutions Agent|Acciona Amenities Services Center East

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Work: Full-time

* General Job Objective Short
Lead the provision on the solutions at the marked locations such as (but not confined to) check-in counters, boarding gateways, transfer work desk, offices, Lost & & Found and Consumer Treatment device by observing the trips as well as dissemination of relevant information making certain arrangement of companies according to the put down company specifications.
* Work Obligations
1. Ensure frontline staff is actually frequently briefed/de-briefed relevant to customer service requirements and Common Operating Operations (SOP) on shift/flight manner
2. Control the performance of the underlings with continual monitoring and also rundown the staff on flight-wise and also shift-wise basis. Rundown might connect to brushing standards, guest dealing with criteria of the particular airline company or those tour. This is done to market premium environment
3. Usage trouble-shooting methods in the regions of legal system through recognizing the complication, seeking alternatives, then choosing on the appropriate possibility so as to minimize/eliminate tour delays, passenger nuisance as well as maintaining the Safety/Security demands. Supply continuous comments to the Supervisors for personnel performance and also field
4. Communicate along with Flight terminal security as well as Immigration in-order to speed-up all client Care passengers dealing with process
5. Monitor the Consumer Treatment dealing with procedure attended to QR as well as other Airlines
6. Stop and state abuse of business properties or customer buildings
7. Manage successfully negative circumstances referring to but not limited merely on air travel delays, disruptions, cancellations, or degradation of planes. This may be actually carried out in coordination with the Manager on call on change
8. Carry out various other division duties associated with his/her role as directed due to the Scalp of the Team
9. Display labor force on designated regions with consistent briefing on brushing criteria, trip managing methods, and also passenger dealing with demands of a certain airline or even air travel. This is actually performed to advertise top quality company and also setting
10. Deliver on duty assistance to the workers on managing their concerns connected to visa and also other file problems

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