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ECC/MYP Music Teacher | Neom


• Have a mature, responsible and positive disposition and be able to work flexibly as member of the whole school team under the direction of the Head of School and independently when required;
• Have sound understanding of the importance of children’s learning and development in the PYP Years and have the ability to identify and support staff in developing professional skills according to need
• Be open minded and willing to further their knowledge and development by attending training courses, sharing information gained with colleagues, and maintaining updated knowledge of international PYP Years best practice by reading, researching and attending relevant training;
• Exemplify high standards in practice and provision at all times
• Have up to date knowledge of Health & Safety regulations with specific reference to children’s wellbeing, learning and facilities
• Have up to date and practical knowledge of best practice in music learning and play materials and techniques which encourage children to have respect for differences in academic ability, gender, cultural background, race and ethnicity


• B.ED/B.A in Childhood Studies/Education (or equivalent)

• MA/M.ED second degree or further relevant qualification

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