Dermatologist nurse - FOREVER BEAUTY AESTHETIC CLINIC - Dubai International City
  • Perform a physical assessment on each patient, paying special attention to the skin.
  • Assist the physician in the performance of skin exams, monitor and record a patient’s medical history, and be aware of relevant test results.
  • Assist the dermatologist with outpatient and surgical dermatology procedures.
  • Provide pre- and post-operative care for clients who are undergoing treatment for a variety of skin conditions and diseases.
  • Assist with procedures using specialized medical equipment, including cosmetic dermatology
  • Assess, monitor, and treat skin wounds, mainly burns.
  • Perform wound care and be familiar with many types of dressings, topical medications, and would care routines.
  • Be familiar with how to treat acne, specific acne medications and their risks, and alternative topical medications.
  • Educate each patient on how to protect their skin and care for skin diseases and conditions at home.

please consider this job if you are ;-
1. have a good look and personality
2. must be ladies
3. good skin complexion
4. have experience in dermatologist clinic
5. DHA licensed is required
6. Graduated from an accredited nursing education program
7. speaking Chinese is advantage
8. age must be less than 30 years old

Job Types: Full-time, Contract
Contract length: 24 months

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