Main Developer in a 5-Star Personal Island Hotel in the Caribbean|Omni International

Chief Engineer in a 5-Star Private Island Resort in the Caribbean | Omni International

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Job: Total Opportunity

– Deal with daily procedures of electric, water and workshop teams
– Straight and correlative setup and repair work of electrical energy equipment, electric controls, water pipes work, pumps, desalination vegetation, refuse water treatment plant
– Booking of all works
– Makes sure that plant and circulation systems work at maximum efficiency
– Guarantees that all power solutions are accurately demanded for
– Quality assurance of all job completed by staff and/or subcontracted labour
– Collaborates components required for daily work to become completed properly
– Requisitions devices, materials and equipment demanded for day-to-day operations
– Tracking of daily progression of jobs being performed
– Ensure devices as well as equipment are actually sustained, authorized out and sent back to sessions
– Ensure infrastructure depends on date, inspect locations, and order maintenance and also repair work
– Coordinate reaction staffs in activity of an unintended shutdown
– Continual testimonial of units and methods

– Single/Bachelor status just
– Man just
– 15 years of utilities/engineering expertise
– 5 years’ experience in a management opening
– Level or Diploma Or Degree in Mechanical or even Electrical/Power
– Able to operate in a remote island environment
– Fluent English, spoken and also reading/writing
– Professional in electric power, nuclear power plant, workshop as well as control innovation
– Solid understanding in water technology, like pump as well as water pipes installments
– Expertise along with waste-water treatment unit
– Solid management, jurisdictional capabilities as well as cross-cultural communicator
– Delegate job correctly and efficiently
– Upskill as well as encourage local labor force
– In charge of the electrical, water energy and also shop teams
– Guarantee risk-free, dependable and also efficient supply of water and also electric power
– Manage servicing of firm line of motor vehicles and also equipment.
– Establish brand-new operating/maintenance methods, enhancing existing recordkeeping
– Aid with basic restructure of the electrical departments.

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