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Board Secretary | Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

Employment: Full Time

Reporting directly to the Chairman of the Board we have a requirement for a Board Secretary for Commercial Bank of Dubai PSC and subsidiaries and an effective service for Chairman, the Board, the Board Committees, all Directors and CEO.

We require an UAE national with excellent writing skills in English & Arabic as well as an interest in Finance & Banking. Communication, organisation and presentation skills are of the highest importance.

• The primary responsibilities will be to provide integrated company secretarial support for the Chairman, the Board and all Board Committees;
• Prepare the agenda for all meetings of the Board and Board Committees;
• Prepare the minutes for meetings of the Board and Board committees as well as Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) of shareholders, ensuring the distribution of all minutes within time periods agreed with the respective chairman.
• Board and Board Committee minutes will record the attendance of members at meetings;
• Ensure prompt notification of Board decisions and resolutions adopted by the Board and Board Committees to the CEO and senior management, tracking the implementation of these decisions and resolutions;
• Form close and effective relationships with key members of senior management and departments, such as the CFO, GM PBG, GM CCIBG, GM Islamic Banking, Head of Treasury and ALM, Head of Credit and any others agreed with the CEO, in order to facilitate implementation of company secretarial duties;
• Process attendance and remuneration for all Board Members including Board and Board Committee sitting fees, ensuring necessary approval is obtained and payment made;
• Provide proactive legal entity management of all companies within the CBD Group,
• Ensure the provision of company secretarial support and corporate governance advice to the Bank’s subsidiaries;
• Ensure compliance by the Bank and all companies within the CBD Group with all statutory, listing or regulatory requirements and returns including DFM, SCA, Dubai Economic Department and the Central Bank of UAE requirements.
• This will include requirements related to filings, maintenance and safe-keeping of statutory records and corporate documents, minutes, lists of Directors, lists of shareholders, Memorandum & Articles of Association resolutions as well as day-to-day legal and regulatory compliance;
• Make necessary arrangements for the AGMs and EGMs of the shareholders of the Bank in accordance with the Articles of Association, requirements of the law and prevailing regulation regarding the voting process;
• In conjunction with other relevant stakeholders, proactively support the production of the Bank’s Annual Report;

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