Associate Instructor in Sociology – Zayed Educational Institution – Abu Dhabi

Affiliate Lecturer in Sociology - Zayed Educational Institution - Abu Dhabi

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The University Zayed University, a premier educational institution in the United Arab Emirates, is an impressive institution located on an international version of college. Along with its own campuses in Abu Dhabi and also Dubai, the University preps grads to end up being innovators in government, business, public society, as well as household daily life. The Educational institution expects its own grads to be capable in English and Arabic, proficient in using figuring out modern technology, as well as solid in quantitative as well as investigation skill-sets.

English is actually the key foreign language of direction as well as administration.

Zayed College is completely recognized in the UAE as well as due to the Center States Compensation on College in the US.

The United Arab Emirates is a dynamic country known for its high standard of lifestyle and its secure and family-friendly environment.The Department/ College The Division of Social Sciences, which becomes part of the College of Liberal Arts as well as Social Sciences is actually an interdisciplinary department that provides training courses as component of the undergraduate system in International Associations. The significant in the College takes an extensive, multidisciplinary approach to the research of global associations, political economic condition, Center East as well as Gulf Researches, history and also behavioral science at the local, regional and international levels.The Chance The Division of Social Sciences at

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