UAE – Abu Dhabi

Those looking to pursue a Consultant level post with this hospital will require: 2 years post specialist qualification experience from US (Board), Canada (Royal College Fellowship) UK (CCT), Ireland (CSD, CSCST), Australia &NZ (Fellowship), France (DES, DESC) and other European countries according to the qualification equivalence tables of the UAE MoH

Please note that this is an estimated benefits package at this point. Salary: Advised upon the receival of a job offer Bonus: A supplementary allowance will be included as well as incentive payments Contract Duration: Open contract Contract Status: Married (if required) Self, spouse and 3 children (up to 18 years) Accommodation: Upon arrival, you will be accommodated for an initial period Flights: For yourself and your family at the start and end of the contract year Leave: 30 calender days per annum Study Leave: 7 days per annum with expenses of up to 10,000 Dirhams. Medical cover: Provided for yourself and your family. (up to 3 children under 18) Insurance: Malpractice Insurance Hours of work: 48 hours per week

We are now taking applications for some exciting opportunities in the UAE. This is part of several new projects that are due to begin in 2022. Further details will be provided nearer the time, but applying now will assist in consideration.