The Opportunity

Actively assists in managing the overall operations of the procurement function within the university. Assists in providing leadership in application of relevant bylaws that governs procurement policy and procedures to effectively manage the complete procurement cycle and an effective and optimal material receiving and warehousing operation.


Budget Nil

Total Direct Reporting Staff 4

The Requirements

Must be fully conversant with and possess a clear working knowledge of established policies and bylaws relevant to the procurement and material warehousing function at government sector prereferral federal government. .

An active participant of the procurement cycle and the provision of guidance and consultation to the staff for coordinating and performing administrative, technical, and analytical work related to procurement activity including the receiving process and material and warehousing function. This includes compliance with the appropriate guidelines, policies, and approved internal controls and alignment with internal and State Audit regulations.

In consultation with the Director, Contracts & Procurement highlights non-efficient processes and recommends on-going improvement and implementation of best practices in procurement, material and warehousing strategies appropriate for ZU’s environment.

With guidance from the Director, Contracts & Procurement, acts as a Service Agent in promoting policies, procedures and best business practices to ensure that University stake-holders are kept informed of seasonal and year-round procurement activity in order to achieve optimal operational outcomes.


Under the direction of Director, Contracts and Procurement:

  • Acts as a resource to the department in implementing established procurement policies and practices in applying such policies to the procurement cycle which may include the negotiation of bids and assisting in the preparation of significant and large purchase orders.
  • Provides guidance and assists in managing the procurement function to meet the University’s operational requirements for goods and services required by Colleges, Units, Departments and Outreach Centers on all campuses.
  • Under the direction and guidance of the Director, Contracts & Procurement, shall on a regular basis provide a detailed price index comparison report of major commodities and items procured for operations at Zayed University for the purposes of adopting an effective bench-marking platform.
  • Complements activities required as a result of University collaborations by ensuring that the procurement cycle for goods and services are processed without delays and acted upon judiciously in line with established policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for preparing, planning, managing and achieving the procurement unit KPi’s on yearly basis in accordance with the university overall strategy.
  • Responsible of preparing the department annual budgets in coordination with the director.
  • Ensures that the procurement cycle for a broad range of goods and services are procured in line with adopted and approved purchasing methods to meet the needs of all campuses in line with applied By-Laws.
  • Provides assistance and direction to the order progress operation carried out by the Purchasing team to ensure that goods and services are delivered within contractual deadlines and end users are kept advised of the delivery status at all times.
  • Prepares bi-annual market analyses of the prices of goods pertaining to items commonly auctioned off by the University in order to establish target expectations of minimum and maximum price brackets.
  • Leads collation and development of appropriate documentation to generate auctions that are contractually reflective of the University’s expected results pertaining to the disposal of University assets.
  • Produces reports for all purchasing activity and to maintain an accurate log of material movement as a result of the award of business that is generated from ongoing activity.
  • Manage vendor activities and maintain both new and existing vendor relationships. Ensure timely vendors performance evaluation in coordination with end user departments.

Responsible of being the secretary of the purchase committee which involves preparing required requests for presentation.

  • Any other related tasks as assigned by the Director

Degree of Independence/Complexity of Environment

The complex nature of this position requires the position holder to maintain a high level of integrity, an unparalleled degree of confidentiality and a temperament that is able to deal with an operational platform that is dynamic and very demanding.

The position holder must be able to work independently, but given the complexity of transactions, must possess the intellect to know when referrals to the Director of complicated cases in a highly fast paced environment, should be made for guidance and advice.

Must be able to assess transactions as they evolve and to coordinate required actions to be taken with efficiency and clarity of mind.

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