Dean, College of Business – Zayed University – Abu Dhabi

Dean, College of Business – Abu Dhabi –

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The University

Zayed University, a leading university in the United Arab Emirates, is an innovative institution based on an international model of higher education. The University has experienced rapid growth, and currently has over 700 faculty and staff serving approximately 10,500 undergraduate and graduate students on its twin campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Zayed University prepares graduates to become leaders in government, business, civil society, and family life, and to contribute to building a knowledge-based economy and society. Through a curriculum grounded in learning outcomes, the University expects its graduates to be proficient in both English and Arabic, and to possess the skills in communication, technology, information literacy, research, critical thinking, and global awareness that will make them leaders in the interconnected 21st-century world. English is the primary language of instruction. Zayed University is fully accredited in the UAE by the Commission for Academic Accreditation, and by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the USA. The United Arab Emirates is a progressive country known for its high standard of living and its safe, family-friendly, multi-national environment.

The College

The College of Business is the largest College at Zayed University with over 2,700 students and 70 full-time faculty members, who are highly diverse and active in teaching, scholarship and service. The College offers undergraduate degrees in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management; additionally, they are aligned closely with their respective professional bodies. Notable among the College’s graduate programs are an Executive Masters of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Finance. The College is accredited by AACSB since 2013.

The Opportunity

Zayed University seeks a visionary, innovative, and creative leader for its College of Business who can lead the college to a new level of distinction with a notable standing regionally and internationally. Reporting to the Provost, the Dean provides leadership to, and management of, the College and its programs on both campuses. The Dean is an advocate for continual growth and strengthening of the College’s robust programs, at the same time as developing a strong research and scholarship agenda. The Dean represents the College to internal and external stakeholders and more broadly to the business community. As a member of the university academic leadership team, the Dean works collaboratively with senior executive leadership to deliver and further the University’s mission and goals.

The Responsibilities

The Dean will articulate a clear vision of leadership to connect the programmatic innovation with the larger business community; it will be done collaboratively with faculty, senior executive leadership, and with the business community stakeholders. The Dean will also encourage scholarly pursuits of her/his faculty, state a vision about entrepreneurship, engagement, and innovation as goals for faculty and students. S/he will communicate the realization of this vision with a dynamic and focused strategy. The Dean will be responsible for sound budget planning, growth of sustainable programs and curriculum for the College that advance the University’s mission and goals and be an active recruiter of appropriate and dedicated faculty. As the chief academic and administrative officer of the College, the Dean will furnish leadership to the College faculty and staff; advance the College’s research agenda, activity and productivity; and expand the College’s outreach and business community engagement (especially entrepreneurship activities). In addition, the Dean will cultivate relationships between government-business sectors to encourage innovative and entrepreneurial activities and set strategy for the enhancement of undergraduate and graduate programs. The Dean is also a member of the senior executive team in delivering the mission and vision of the University.

The Requirements

The candidate must possess a PhD in Business or a strongly related area, have a minimum of five years’ experience in academic leadership at the level of Associate Dean/Assistant Dean or higher, preferably at an internationally accredited College of Business. Demonstrated experience with AACSB standards is preferred; notable experience with entrepreneurship capacity-building in a community, business or government, would also be useful. The candidate’s research record, evidence of competitively funded research grants, and years in rank ought to be sufficient to place them at a full Professor rank.

The Benefits

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